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Published: 25 June 2021

What is Incense?

You may have heard the word “incense” before and wondered what it was. You might even know that its Latin meaning is to burn, but you might not be sure about what exactly incense is. Incense is a substance that's burned to produce a fragrant scent. In fact, the word “incense” is derived from the Latin word for “to burn.” There are two types of incense: incenses sticks and incenses cones. The most common type of stick incense used in today's world are made out of bamboo or wood chips coated with an aromatic resin-like frankincense, myrrh, benzoin or sandalwood; these resins give off a sweet, earthy scent. The other type of incense is the cone variety. These cones are usually made out of a mixture of plant resins and waxes mixed with essential oils to create scents like lavender or lemon grass.

There's not much information about how long people have been burning this stuff, but it has likely been around for centuries because frankincense trade routes date back at least as far as 2000 BC.[...]

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