Processing and Packaging


  • Processing and shipping of orders occur within 1 business day of cleared payment.
  • Orders are shipped in packages with NO markings or labels describing the contents.
  • Business days are classified as Monday to Friday.


  • Same day shipping*- Orders can be shipped out same day if completed before 2 pm Eastern time.
  • Shipping occurs Monday to Friday.
  • No shipping Saturday or Sunday.
  • Billing and shipping address must be the same.
  • The ship to address where the products will be shipped to is the address field marked “shipping address”.
  • If there is any change made to the shipping address after order has shipped, there is a fee of $5 to make the change.

FedEx is the shipping provider.

  • All shipments receive tracking #.
  • Order on Friday, get Saturday*!
  • *Saturday express shipping has an additional charge of $15 and is not available to all locations.

Note on PO Boxes:

FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes, if you require shipments to be sent to a PO Box, we can accommodate and use USPS for these shipments only.


Delivery time frame:

The map below explains how long it will take for your package to be delivered to you.

  • Important Note on Delivery time frame- The day the order ships is not included in the shipping time.


Fedex ground delivery map for herbal potpourri
Fedex ground delivery map for herbal potpourri


78 thoughts on “Processing Orders, and Shipping Detail for Herbal potpourri and incense

  1. Raymond says:

    Great site, I’ve ordered here 10+ times and never had a problem.. Always order next day shipping and it’s always here the next day.. They are what they say are and I give them 5 stars

  2. swiftyt13233269 says:

    Is this site still up and running ? Been a while since iv ordered anything. .. like two years long.

  3. Gus says:

    Trying this site out… hopefully its legit and the shipping is what they say it is according to the reviews its getting… hope yall are better than extreme incense

  4. charles mcclendon says:

    looking for a site with good aroma therapy products. been oredering from other sites off the ole interweb and there shipping sux .i order like on a monday and it takes 7 to 10 days for it to get to me.come to find out they hold it and i know my cash is there.i think when your funds clear someone should get to stepping! so is is this place legit? like right now i waiting it says it shipped i know it dont take that long to get things trough the mail .when you can drive there to get faster! so if anyone sees my package foating around in cyber space grab it and you can have it lol

  5. says:

    Do I have to be there to sight fer it or will they drop it off at my address?

  6. JDavidson says:

    So, my question is… If you order on friday and choose saturday delivery (add’l $38) to the order, your credit card is charged within minutes to a few hours — Why is it that if saturday delivery is not available in your area, you can’t receive your credit within a few days? Instead of waiting 2-3 weeks for your refund… Or, be notified that saturday delivery is not available and the total cost will be adjusted to the correct amount?

    We have enjoyed your products and do receive shipments in a timely manner. Thank You.

  7. Steven says:

    I was skeptical at buying incense online, then I did some research on the best sites to get them from, then seen some positive reviews about this site and also read nothing but good comments about this site, so I looked at some product, and finally made a purchase, now all I gotta do is wait, hope it arrives on time.

  8. william says:

    Just ordered for the first time! Very excited…and if everything is as it sounds you will have a customer for LIFE!! Got overnight and can’t wait till tomorrow:)

  9. skyhigh007 says:

    I am a regular and had quite an amount of confidence in the company however lately the last two products that I ordered were not good quality causing me to be at a great loss. I spend significant amounts of money even ordering some of the same products I’ve had before and the quality was not at all good. I don’t’ know if it is the new guidelines causing this change but if this continues to happen I will need to find a new supplier due to the great inconvenience I feel I am being caused. It has been great but the last two pricey orders have really been a great disappointment due to money not being easy to throw away I thought I would reach out to you all and let you know that consistency is the greatest way to keep your customers happy and at this point I am not a happy camper. 🙁

    • Annie says:

      It depends, our delivery schedule is based on Fedex’s holiday schedule which provides more shipping days than USPS. Upcoming holidays that do not ship- Thanksgiving day, Christmas Day, New Year’s day.

  10. Alexis says:

    ordered 10/21 still haven’t received my order. sent 3 messages to customer service, and still no response….WHAT IS GOING ON

    • Annie says:

      Hi Thanks for writing. I checked out your order and it was shipped out on 10/21/13 and we emailed you the tracking information. Will resend the tracking and delivery confirmation to you by PM.

    • Alexis says:

      scam company…fed ex tracking said it was delivered never received response from company until I contacted credit processor for refund.. sent emails.. called and left messages no response… after refund was process then received email stating I didn’t abide to terms of condition….and I really wanted to try out there products..

    • Annie says:

      That is an interesting sentiment considering FEDEX said it was delivered… Before ordering please ensure full understanding of terms and conditions. It states we are not responsible for the package once it leaves our facility.
      Thank you.

  11. Maccdaddy(; says:

    A little skeptical but reading all these reviews and comments, kinda wanna try it out for shits and giggles. is overnight shipping or saturday shipping out the ass prices? or are they reasonable?

    • abougere says:

      no these overnight price are freaking awesome compared to the 50+ I have spent at other sites.

    • george says:

      Its legit. You always get a trackin no. Joker and angry birds are the most potent for me. Ordered almost 10 times and weight is on

    • Annie says:

      Call Fedex for yourself and find out how much express next business day shipping costs for yourself. You can reach Fedex at 1-800-463-3339. Shipping costs are controlled by the shipping provider.

  12. Connor says:

    Can’t recommend these guys highly enough, had to change the shipping address and was contacted in mere minutes. Overnight shipping is actually overnight, unlike some other sites that make similar claims. Overall, A+, you got a repeat customer.

  13. Dynastymike says:

    Also if it is legit is it the amount it says on the bag? i used to buy from a place were it would say 5g or 10g on the bag and i would only get like 2-3gs

    • rognsin says:

      You need to report them its being stolen before selling to u. I have had package opened prior to buying it from store and they took alot.

    • Annie says:

      Our packages are sealed and not tampered with direct from the manufacturer. Rognsin, the package that you are referring to, was it purchased through us?

    • joseph says:

      Every bag of deadman I have ordered had only weighed 6.7-7.3 at most! I ordered psycho and it weighed 8, these are supposed to be 10 grm bags! I have tried contacting you guys about it over and over. I purchase a lot from you guys but its little unprofessional of you guys to not even respond….

    • fester64 says:

      yeah man this site is legit, i can place my order before 3pm eastern pay 26 bucks and have it at my door by 3pm the next day with overnight

  14. ichiefkief says:

    I am excited! I finally found some more Joker!! Hopefully it’s here by Monday.. The high is more intense than weed but it doesn’t last as long.. but it’s clearly worth it!!

  15. austinmane94 says:

    Im sooo excited I ordered mine on friday I hope its here by tuesday or wednesday I rlly hope its potent

  16. racingkid83 says:

    If you make an order on friday and want it delivered by saturday what time does the order have to be in?

  17. mrbiggs824 says:

    I have got to give it to you guys over there, you are on point. I made an order last week the next day I opened my front door and I had my package waiting. You guys have some fast service and you do what you say you will. The products are on point and I never had to deal with any BS. Straight and to the point. I am glad to be doing business with you. Thanks again.

  18. Amazinganimules says:

    This is an amazing group to do business with. By far the most stable and professionally handled. No B.S. They do what they say and the website is up to date. They do not advertise what they do not have. I appreciate how you do business and will not order from anywhere else. M.G.

    • ShadowsongLak says:

      I’ll have to second that this site is the least hassle, best quality, SUPER fastest delivery outta the 10+ sites I have used before. Well Done

  19. jlschulz23 says:

    I have been to other web sites this is by far the best. Even the sugar cubes are awesome. service was fast 23 hours and I got my shipment and I live on the west coast.

    • jlschulz23 says:

      It’s me again just got it. Again 23 hours. Thanks the smell is wonderfully relaxing.

  20. aholzinger11 says:

    Thank you for fixing the problem so quickly. I appreciate it and look forward to more business in the future

  21. bossman says:

    awesome site and good product. always have my favs when I am ready to order. I will order from here only

  22. says:

    Great site to get good incense for a great price.Been to alot of other sites but no more this is the best place on the net to get great deals and free sugar cubes to use on order’s fast shipping I will be buying alot more from yall.Don’t stop doing what yall do.peace,

  23. Lawtea says:

    Straight up legit. Ive ordered from supremeincense and herbal incense center but since they both got shut down this was the first place I hit. Very satisfied and yes, they aint bullshittin hah.

  24. lron2k says:

    this site seems to good to be true, and the prices are unreal for what I was finding locally? is this legit?

  25. kiddknapp says:

    these guys are awesome!!! excellent customer service!!!! this is the only place i buy from. great experience every time… i would recommend this site to anyone.

  26. says:

    you have a really nice site if your legit i will be a good customer.
    thanks sincerly David r Limp

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