Fedex Service Distruption

  Just a FYI for our customers who have orders with overnight shipping. Fedex has placed this warning on their site regarding express shipments: FedEx Express Last updated: October 18, 2012 The Memphis hub and flight operations experienced substantial disruptions last night due to severe thunderstorms. Potential delays are possible for shipment deliveries across the U.S. FedEx […]

Let the tricks begin, Halloween specials on your favorite Herbal Potpourri!

halloween herbal potpourri specials

This is by far my favorite season and holiday! We will be having sweet treats on your favorite brands of herbal potpourri and incense. We begin your “treatfest” with Maui Wowie:   [two_fourth][/two_fourth] [two_fourth_last][/two_fourth_last]   Stay with us as we add more specials for you!

Imitation or genuine debate: Your thoughts?

We had an issue come up recently. A customer filed a claim against us requesting a refund for their order. The reason was because they said our product is not the original, it is an imitation and the product never was made in the size they ordered and received. Since we care about the quality […]

Genuine or counterfeit? How to tell if a product is true legal herbal potpourri.

Consumers looking for genuine Herbal Potpourri need to be wary of the risks from side effects of counterfeit products. While genuine Herbal Potpourri is legal in the U.S., we wanted to help buyers identify fake products with this guideline and enjoy smoking potpourri safely. The amount of low quality counterfeit and potentially dangerous herbal potpourri […]

Read this before purchase!

We have many questions about what has been happening on our site. This will answer many of those questions and help clear up confusion on how to place an order while we make this temporary transition. We are negotiating with a payment processor who knows what we’re selling, will handle credit cards and won’t rob […]