Debit card and credit card processing temporarily down.

Paypal Error
As you may have experienced in the past few days, paypal has stopped processing payments for us. While we are trying to figure out the issue, we don’t want to cause much disruption in our operations.

We have 2 other sources currently for accepting payment.
1. Echeck- similar to before. We send an invoice to you. When you click the link in the email it open a window to fill out a check. Once completed the order processing is the same as before.
2. Money Orders- We have the option of accepting Money order and certified checks directly.


All orders that were processed through paypal will go out as schedule. There is no disruption in the processing of these orders.

We are working to get credit and debit card processing back up as soon as possible. We have been looking at other processors as well.

4 thoughts on “Debit card and credit card processing temporarily down.

  1. jjpretty says:

    I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you!!!
    It I’d always SUCH a pleasure to work with you! :/)
    Great products, great prices & ridiculously fast, reliable shipping. Thank you so very much once again…. Please stick around!!! 😉

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