The Many Faces of Herbal Incense

What is herbal incense? This burning question has been on the minds of the masses for some time now, but no one has provided a clear and concise answer to the mystery. The long term effects of using herbal incense products are just now being studied as these products move into the mainstream. Herbal potpourri products have been around for many years, but did not become popular until the last five years or so. There are many different brands of herbal potpourri. Some of the most popular include brands like Mad Hatter, Scooby Snax, and Caution.

Is Herbal Incense Legal?
The use, sale, and distribution of herbal potpourri products were completely legal until 2012. There were many complaints being made about the misuse of these products. President Barrack Obama implemented a one year ban on these products. Later in 2012, President Barrack Obama signed the Synthetic Drug Act, which outlawed herbal potpourri products containing certain chemical ingredients. Many vendors and manufactures were arrested during Operation Log Jam, which was a nationwide synthetic drug bust. Many vendors and manufacturers changed the ingredients in their blends in order to comply with these new standards. Although, there are some blends that you should avoid because they have not complied with state and federal standards. The legality of herbal potpourri is unclear in many states, but in others possession of herbal potpourri is worthy of a felony charge.  Be sure to check with your local state laws to make sure that you fully understand them.

What You Should Know About Herbal Incense Products

Herbal potpourri has been called a variety of names. Spice, potpourri, herbal incense, and legal herb are just a few of the nicknames that these products have earned. It does not matter what you call it. The products are the same thing. It is possible to buy herbal incense online. There are many reliable blends that comply with federal and state laws that can be found right here at Potpourri Blends Café. All of the popular blends that you know and love can still be purchased. They just have been changed a little bit. There are a few blends of herbal incense that are no longer in production at all. Some of these blends include Darkness and Code Black.

The Numerous Benefits of Herbal Potpourri Products

There are tons of benefits to using herbal potpourri blends. The main ingredients in these blends have been used by numerous ancient cultures to treat a number of conditions.  Insomnia, asthma, and nausea are just a few of the conditions that herbal incense can treat. Herbal potpourri products provide an awesome aromatic euphoric experience that you will not soon forget. These products are easily accessible online with a wide selection of top quality blends to choose from. Newbie and veteran users are benefit greatly from taking advantage in everything that herbal incense products have to offer. Start shopping at Potpourri Blends Café today to score great deals on the hottest and most reliable herbal incense blends.

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