Aromatherapy Potpourri Herbal Blends

Herbal incense and potpourri blends are the same thing. These are aromatherapy items that have been used for many centuries by numerous ancient cultures. Herbal potpourri is said to have many medicinal properties and has been used to treat numerous health ailments. In fact, certain cultures used these products to treat mental ailments as well as physical ones. Damania leaf, which is one of the most common herbs used in the making of these blends, has many medicinal uses. It has been used to help with the treatment in problems such as asthma and depression.

What is with the Crack Down on Herbal Incense?

So, why is the Drug Enforcement Agency cracking down on the use of these products? There have been a few bad apples that have misused these products. Misuse of herbal potpourri blends can lead to serious consequences. Dangerous changes in blood pressure, increased heart rate, feelings of paranoia, and even hallucinations can be experienced when these products are not used as directed. It clearly states on the packaging of these aromatherapy potpourri products that they are not to be consumed by humans or pets. Still, people are consuming these products either through oral consumption or by smoking the products. It is not just frowned upon to misuse potpourri products. It is considered a felony in most states to misuse or even be in possession of these products.

Information Regarding Fifty State Legal Potpourri Blends

There are blends that are fifty states legal. This means that the blend is legal to possess in all fifty states, but it still does not mean that it is okay to consume the product in any way, shape, or form.  Fifty state legal blends can easily be found, but make sure that the blend complies with all laws in your state. The laws and loopholes concerning herbal incense are still very unclear. President Obama signed the Synthetic Drug Act of 2012, which completely changed the way that herbal incense vendors did business. Operation Log Jam, which was a large synthetic drug bust, put a lot of herbal incense creators out of business. Never fear! Many blends are back and better than ever while still complying with federal and state laws.

Herbal Products Coming Under Legal Fire

Herbal incense products and potpourri blends are also coming under fire because the long term effects of these products have not been studied. There have been reports that state that the misuse of these types of products has been linked to certain types of cancer. There has not been enough research conducted to support any of these so called facts. Only time will tell what the future will hold for the herbal incense industry. The popularity of these products only seems to be growing. The more popular herbal potpourri blends become the bigger the backlash seems to get. These legitimate businesses need to be given a fair chance to share their products with anyone who is interested in trying them. The benefits of herbal potpourri blends are practically limitless.

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