What the Synthetic Drug Acts Means for Herbal Incense Users

Spice. Herbal incense. Potpourri. Aromatherapy. It does not matter what you call it. The product is the same. It simply has a thousand names. Herbal incense is a product that has grown enormously popular and controversial in the last decade or so. The future of herbal incense is not looking good at all. In fact, it was announced in March of 2011 that most substances used in herbal blends were going to be deemed as Schedule 1 substances. The DEA made this ban last for a period of one year. With the Synthetic Drug Act going into effect and Operation Log Jam going down, herbal incense vendors are finding it difficult keep their heads above water. Many popular vendors shut down business for short periods of time while others shut down for good. Herbal potpourri has become an illegal substance in most states.

So, Is Herbal Incense Legal?

Do not misunderstand. Herbal spice is still legal as long it is completely within the compliance with the DEA’s standards. Users should not hold their breath concerning the future of herbal incense. It will not be long before these products will be completely illegal in all fifty states. If you are an herbal incense user, you may want to consider stocking up on your favorite blends now; just in case the future of herbal incense is nonexistent. The legality of herbal incense is truly unclear in most states. Only time will truly be able to tell about the future legality of potpourri. Herbal incense has been used by many ancient cultures for thousands of years, but the DEA has a problem with this product. Go figure.

The Laws Concerning Herbal Incense Spice

These types of products began to hit the market around 2004, but did not gain in popularity until the last five years or so. There have been many busts around the nation where shop owners, gas station owners, and tobacco shop owners have been charged with felonies for distributing herbal incense products like Mad Hatter and Scooby Snax. Is it fair that vendors, distributors, and manufacturers pay the legal price for users who improperly use their products to obtain a euphoric high? Many people feel that charging vendors and herbal incense distributors with felonies is like charging a liquor store clerk for the actions of a drunk driver.  Regardless of how you feel about the Synthetic Drug Act, you should make sure that you take extra precaution when purchasing an herbal incense blend. These herb blends may not be legal in your state. It is up to you to check local laws and obey accordingly. It is also up to you to use the product as it is intended. Misuse of these products can lead to serious consequences. Enjoy the aromatic experience that only quality herbal products can provide. Purchase brands that you know and trust. These brands are more likely to be compliant with local and federal laws. Don’t become a criminal over something as petty as herbs. Play it safe!

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  1. Toni A Howe says:

    please do not order from this site.i ordered two different brands and got the same product in both bags. i know because both were moldy and looked exactly t he same. time before this order i ordered one of those prefilled e herbal liquid cigarettes and it did not work at all. p.o.d. told me they could not refund my money because it was a prepaid card, ok , i get that, but it has been over q week and they have not tried to send any kind of replacement product. thats the thanks i get for going through the hassel of buying prepaid cardsjust to order with them. trust me look elsewhere for your needs

  2. mulli812 says:

    can anyone personally vouch for the experience they had when using the Mad Hatter with the holographic label on the front of it? I have been ripped off too many times and I am just a little nervous of ordering this without hearing any feedback.

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