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The Use of Herbal Potpourri Products Has Been in Use for Centuries

Herbal incense potpourri has been used for centuries. It has even been used in ancient times. Back then people believed the herbal mixtures had mystical powers. It a way these ancient folks were right. Most herbal incense blends provide euphoric effects that last for a varied amount of time. The usefulness of these herbs has […]

The Many Faces of Herbal Incense

What is herbal incense? This burning question has been on the minds of the masses for some time now, but no one has provided a clear and concise answer to the mystery. The long term effects of using herbal incense products are just now being studied as these products move into the mainstream. Herbal potpourri […]

Aromatherapy Potpourri Herbal Blends

Herbal incense and potpourri blends are the same thing. These are aromatherapy items that have been used for many centuries by numerous ancient cultures. Herbal potpourri is said to have many medicinal properties and has been used to treat numerous health ailments. In fact, certain cultures used these products to treat mental ailments as well […]

Is Herbal Incense Legal?

The sale of herbal incense or herbal potpourri has been halted in many states. Maryland, Indiana, and Alabama are the most recent states to outlaw the sale of these products. Many herbal incense users are wondering why certain states have placed bans or restrictions on the sale of potpourri blends and other states continue allow […]