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23 thoughts on “Already Subscribed

  1. lewman53 says:

    quit ordering from you! last order-yellow caution was terrible!! still have it- unusable! tastes like mold and smells BAD! IF YOU WANT IT BACK YOU CAN HAVE IT. GOT NO RESPONSE from you before.CAN I TRUST IN YOU AGAIN? was very satisfied before this order. will you make this right? contact me- e-mail- if you are a trustable merchant.

  2. matt says:

    How come I’ve ordered the same product multiple times and sometimes it’s awesome while other times it’s junk ? This is very frustrating especially to a customer who spends as much as I do? Is there anything you can do to help me out so you don’t lose a loyal customer?

  3. gerald mcdaniel says:

    i have bought from this company before and team i have to say is that yall are awsome keep up the good job but my question is do ya
    ll still ship to florida

  4. ryan theodore says:

    i can not afford to buy from you unles you provide a sample first. i have been ripped off hundreds from sites selling the same product.i like your prices but i already get it somewhere real but not cheap i only need nit even a whol gram.if you are legit it should not be aproblem because i would ccontinue ordering from you instead thanks i understand if you can not do this. only the legit companies do.

    • Annie says:

      Interesting comment… Our products arrive directly from the manufacturer as presented. We do not alter the products, the sizes we sell are the sizes we receive, we do not have smaller product supplies.
      Only a legitimate business would maintain the quality of their products in this fashion. In the past we did try to offer free samples of our smaller 3 gram packs but it never worked out. Now it is completely set it stone no free samples policy.
      We do offer free products with paid orders and other discounts. We understand if you choose not to do business with us based on this, it is always better to be upfront about your concerns, we can appreciate that.

    • cody123 says:

      What free products do you offer, when we order from you guys? Just wondering cause I am going to be a regular buyer hah

    • Amazinganimules says:

      This company is Great! They have always been straight-up with ordering, delivery, etc. I will not do business anywhere else! An EXTREMELY HAPPY CUSTOMER! Mary Grace

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